Make free PC to PC and very cheap PC to Phone calls,
using your existing Internet connection and your existing PC or laptop.

What is Softphone?

Softphone is a computer software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose PC or laptop, rather than using dedicated hardware.

Most softphones are designed to behave like a traditional telephone, appearing as an image of a phone, with a display panel and buttons with which the user can interact.A softphone is usually used with a headset connected to the PC or laptop.

PCPhonex works with virtually any softphone that supports SIP protocol

Recommended Softphones

Below you can find the recommended softphones that you can use with PCPhonex as well as configuration and setup guides.


X-Lite from Counterpath is a very popular, free SIP softphone supporting a range of codecs and also offering great support for desktop video conferencing.It has all the features you need in a perfect SIP softphone except for G729 codec for better voice quality in low speed Internet connections.

Click here for more information about X-Lite and configuration guide.


EyeBeam is another great product from Counterpath, the same company that gave you X-lite. Eyebeam is a upgraded version of X-lite including G729 codec for better voice quality and multiple SIP accounts.

Click here for more information about EyeBeam and configuration guide.


Zoiper features support for both SIP and IAX, and includes free and paid versions of their software.

Click here for more information about Zoiper and configuration guide.


Ekiga (formerly called GnomeMeeting) is a VoIP and video conferencing application for GNOME and Windows. It is distributed as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Click here for more information about Ekiga and configuration guide.


SJphone is a VOIP softphone that allows you to speak with any other softphone running on a PC/PDA, any stand-alone IP-phone, or using Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) with any traditional wired or mobile phone

Click here for more information about SJphone and configuration guide.


Generic Softphone Configuration Guide

Once you install and launch the softphone a new window will pop-up with your "SIP Accounts" Click on the "Add.." button. OR from Options/Tools find SIP Accounts menu and enter the following information.

Name: your name

SIP Server Name / Proxy Server :

User name / Account ID / Authenticate ID : 5551231234
(your account number assigned by PCPhonex)

Password: your PCPhonex SIP password

Register port: 5060

Register with proxy: yes

Make call without registration: no

Codecs: G711, G729


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