Make free PC to PC and very cheap PC to Phone calls with Ekiga Softphone,
using your existing Internet connection and your existing PC or laptop.


EkigaEkiga softphone (formerly called GnomeMeeting) is a VoIP and video conferencing application for GNOME and Windows.

It is distributed as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is the default VOIP client in Ubuntu.

Ekiga supports both the SIP and H.323 (based on OpenH323) protocols and is fully interoperable with any other SIP compliant application and with Microsoft NetMeeting.

It supports all major features defined by those protocols like call hold, call transfer, call forwarding, etc. It also supports basic instant messaging, and has advanced support for NAT traversal. 

Ekiga supports the best audio and video codecs (including H.263+, H.264, MPEG4 and THEORA), and has wideband support for a superior audio quality, together with echo cancellation. 

It also supports SIP/SIMPLE presence, and interoperates nicely with Asterisk.


Ekiga SoftPhone with PCPhonex Service

With PCPhonex service and your Ekiga softphone you can make calls to any phone in the world using your computer with the lowest rates and make free calls to other PCPhonex users.

PCPhonex works seamlessly with your Ekiga softphone's advanced VoIP Features. For example, if you have Virtual Phone Number, than you can take a call from any phone in the world even while you're on the road.

The dialing interface of Ekiga Softphone looks just like the picture above. Simply point and click to speak through your computer. We highly recommend that you use a quality headset with a microphone rather than relying on the audio input/output devices that come standard with your computing equipment.

Your Ekiga Softphone works with PCs, Macs, Laptops.

Whether you're a road warrior or just looking to enhance your productivity at home, PC to phone calling opens up a whole new way to communicate.

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Ekiga Softphone Configuration Guide

Once you install and launch the softphone a new window will pop-up with your "SIP Accounts" Click on the "Add.." button. Or from Options/Tools find SIP Accounts menu and enter the following information.

Name: your name

SIP Server Name / Proxy Server : sip.pcphonex.com

User name / Account ID / Authenticate ID : 5551231234
(your account number assigned by PCPhonex)

Password: your PCPhonex SIP password

Register port: 5060

Register with proxy: yes

Make call without registration: no

Codecs: G711, G729


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